quinta-feira, 26 de julho de 2012

SpoonFlower contest: Olympic Celebration


Tcharam! Fiz um novo pattern para o concurso semanal do Spoonflower!
Desta vez o tema é a celebração olímpica!
Eu fico empolgada com o tema! A abertura, a identidade visual do evento, os uniformes e os mascotes! Então vamo desenhar ae!
Bem você pode dar uma olhada em como ficou por aquiCaso goste você pode dar um votinho que eu fico agradecida! Quem sabe pode até ser vendida! ;)

I just made a pattern for spoonflower weekly contest!
The theme is Olympic Celebration. 
I reeeeally loved it! The opening, the logo, the uniforms, les mascots! 
My goodness I had to make it!
And then I drew my favorites...
Gymnastics are the top of list, of course...
I appreciate beautiful lines, especially those that don't appear anatomically possible.
And how each pose connects with another to form a precise movement.
Anyway, you can see the pattern here, and if you enjoy it, please help me out giving me a vote!I would be grateful!


domingo, 15 de julho de 2012

3D attempt: The Robôto (part I)

Hello hello hello!

Finally a post! This is my fist attempt on modelling a character. 
It´s an exercise for modeling class I started a month and half ago.
I had to change some details at the concept because they didn´t seem so nice in 3D.
For example the eyes and the head. They seemed weird and oblong, reminding me those bubbles goldfishes.
And i tried out creating hair! I had so much fun...
Well...It´s not done yet, and i´m just a begginer in this whole thing.
I know I need more studing and practicing, but I hope one day i could do nice characters, with a decent hair, soft peachy skin, and expressive eyes.  
It´s just it for now. 
Keep the good job!