domingo, 15 de julho de 2012

3D attempt: The Robôto (part I)

Hello hello hello!

Finally a post! This is my fist attempt on modelling a character. 
It´s an exercise for modeling class I started a month and half ago.
I had to change some details at the concept because they didn´t seem so nice in 3D.
For example the eyes and the head. They seemed weird and oblong, reminding me those bubbles goldfishes.
And i tried out creating hair! I had so much fun...
Well...It´s not done yet, and i´m just a begginer in this whole thing.
I know I need more studing and practicing, but I hope one day i could do nice characters, with a decent hair, soft peachy skin, and expressive eyes.  
It´s just it for now. 
Keep the good job!

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